With Pay Direct, you can pay for your purchases directly via your bank account. You can connect your bank account to Klarna the first time you use Pay Direct, or do so via our app using Mobile BankID. Klarna will then remember your information so that you can shop and pay even more smoothly next time. The money is deducted within 1-3 banking days after the store has sent your order, and if we cannot deduct the money from the account, we will instead send an invoice to the email address you used when you shopped.


For future purchases, Klarna may, for security reasons, ask you to confirm your identity via Mobile BankID again. Remember that you are always covered by Klarna's buyer protection when you shop with us.



The easy thing about an account invoice is that you can decide for yourself how much you want to pay each month and that you can pay in the entire debt at any time to end the instalment payment. All purchases you choose to pay in instalments and/or with an extra-long payment period - for example, "Buy now, pay in August" - are gathered there.

The account invoice is sent on the 10th of each month via email or post, depending on how you wish, and can also be seen when you log in here or in our app. If you want to end the instalment payment, you can pay the amount that is next to "Debt at due date" on the invoice or contact us, and we will guide you.

You will find our terms and conditions here.



Now you can easily divide your invoice into 3, 6 or 12 months. When you choose to pay in instalments, the invoice is included in your account invoice that is sent to you in the middle of the coming month.



Payment with VISA or Mastercard is very easy. Make sure you have your credit card close at hand when shopping. On the front of the credit card, there is a credit card number and expiration date and on the back, you will find your verification code (CVV2) which is needed for the payment. All sensitive information is securely handled in encrypted form so that no outsider can obtain the information.

We do not deduct the amount directly from the card but only make a reservation on the order amount. This means that we can easily release the reservation if you regret your purchase - it can sometimes take a few days before this is visible on your card extract, however.

In the event of crediting all or part of an order originally paid for with Visa / Mastercard, the credit will normally be returned to the same card number and not as a direct payment to a bank account.

We reserve the right to make checks connected to the card transaction where we find it necessary, including refusing delivery without further justification if it is not possible to verify the card information.



Now you do not need to bring cards or cash to the store. You can pay with Swish. We have a Swish number: 123 - 304 71 15



Gift cards on Arsadata can be used for payment in the store. One or more gift cards can be used for partial payment together with other payment options.

Gift cards can be purchased in amounts from fifty (50) kronor and up to five thousand (5,000) kronor. Gift cards can be purchased in the store. However, the customer can not choose to have the gift card emailed or via SMS when buying in a store.

Gift cards are valid for three (1) years. The validity period is stated on the gift card.

Any discounts do not apply when buying gift cards. The gift card cannot be replaced with cash The gift card is a document of value that the customer should be careful about.

The gift card is not linked to a specific person. Arsadata is not responsible for lost gift cards.




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