In addition to the right to make a complaint, Arsa-Data provides a 1-year warranty, certain exceptions such as consumables such as batteries may have a shorter warranty, see the instruction manual for more information. The guarantee is voluntary to leave, but the right to make a complaint is statutory and applies to all products. The biggest difference between the right of complaint and the guarantee is that during the complaint period, the burden of proof lies with the consumer to prove that the defect is original.


The definition of an original fault is that the fault already existed at delivery and that the user has not been able to influence the fault and is not due to, for example, wear, abnormal use, negligence or any form of an external influence such as a tap or liquid damage. At you can read the law in its entirety under the link "Swedish Constitution".



Warranties that are extended on Arsa-Data AB's manufactured computers only apply to repair or replacement of components. This warranty extension of the purchased product does not include "repurchase" or "cancellation of the purchase"! Arsa-Data AB is only responsible for repairing the unit or replacement of components during the warranty period.


Desktops are sealed with a warranty seal. This seal must not be removed as the warranty is no longer valid. You must not open the door to clean, replace or repair the components during the warranty period. Arsa-DataAB offers free cleaning of the inside of its gaming computers during the warranty period.


Remember that injuries occurred due to. too much dust in the computer that can lead to overheating and component damage forfeits the warranty and the right to make a complaint.


Gaming computers are sold with a 1-year entry guarantee. This means that the product must be sent to us for repair or replacement.


WARRANTY OF Lenovo ReThink

The reThink quality mark is your guarantee that the product reaches the high standards of Lenovo and your expectations. All reThink products undergo thorough inspection and quality control, which is carried out by our professional and Lenovo certified technicians. Once the stringent screening and testing process is completed, the products are categorized into 3 groups - Gold, Silver or Bronze - with different qualities and prices.

All reThink products are delivered in a new retail box, and the product information is printed on a visible label.

All reThink products are covered by the exact same original Lenovo warranty as new Lenovo retail products*. This means that reThink is always a sound, safe and reliable solution. 


ReThink quality marks


The reThink brand is your guarantee of quality. All reThink products undergo thorough inspection and quality control. You are therefore guaranteed that reThink products meet Lenovo’s high standards – and your expectations.
All reThink products are tested for errors and physically inspected as a part of a professional and stringent screening and testing program. On this basis the products are categorized according to their quality levels. 
reThink products are divided into three quality levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze. The three levels are specified in the following table:

  Gold New.
  Silver New with minor cosmetic, barely visible scratches, only on plastic parts NOT screen.
  Bronze New with minor cosmetic, visible scratches, only on plastic parts NOT sc
more info :




In most cases, warranty matters are handled by the manufacturer or by an authorized workshop. If your product comes from the manufacturer below, click on the name to get information about which routines and instructions then apply. For more information, you can contact our customer service. Some mobiles can only work with European SIM cards, this is clearly stated on those phones!





On all products with so-called flat screen (TFT), there is a risk that there may be constantly shining or constantly dark pixels already when the product is delivered. This is not to be regarded as a defect in the product itself but is attributed to quality variations in the picture elements that occur during manufacture. The number of permitted constantly shining / dark pixels varies between the manufacturers, but most adhere to the standard ISO 13406-2 (TFT screens, screens on laptops, etc. are included in class II picture elements unless otherwise stated in the product information). Constantly Bright/dark pixels can also appear immediately or after a period of use of the screen. This is also normal and does not fall under warranty unless the number exceeds the permitted number according to ISO 13406-2 or the respective manufacturer's warranty terms.


In the standard ISO 13406-2, TFT elements are divided into four different classes, class I, class II, class III and class IV. Class, I TFT elements must not contain constantly shining or dark pixels. This category includes TFT elements intended for, for example, military use or for use in medical devices.


For TFT elements that are assigned to class II, a certain number of constantly shining / dark pixels are allowed, calculated per number of millions of pixels the screen consists of. All TFT elements intended for the corporate or consumer market fall into Class II. Class III and IV allow even more defective pixels, but elements classified as III or IV are almost non-existent on the Swedish market.




Transport damage must be reported on the same day as you receive the delivery to DHL via telephone 0771-345 345 and to Arsa-Data AB via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Under no circumstances should you trigger a package that looks damaged, even if you think the contents are undamaged! If you discover the damage only after you have opened the package, immediately complain to Arsa-Data AB and DHL as above.


Transport-damaged products caused by poor packaging are not responsible for either Arsa-Data or the courier company. The sender is responsible for the product being properly wrapped and not damaged during shipping.




If there is an error for which Arsa-Data AB is responsible, Arsa-Data AB undertakes to remedy the error at its own expense by repairing, re-delivering or repaying the purchase price, if this can be done without significant cost or inconvenience to Arsa-Data AB. Additional rights for the customer may follow from each manufacturer's end-customer guarantees.


Arsa-Data AB's liability as a result of defects in goods is limited to what is stated in these general terms and conditions of sale and what is stated in the Consumer Purchase Act (1990: 932). Arsa-Data AB bears no direct or indirect responsibility for, for example - but not limited to - incompatibility, delivery delays, harmful properties in the goods, product liability, loss in business operations, operational interruptions, loss of stored information or other financial damage. Remember to always back up important data, Arsa-Data AB can not recreate or back up customers' data in the event of a complaint.


Please note that support and error reporting may be in English for some manufacturers, in some cases error reporting can only be done via e-mail or website.



Any dispute can be referred to as the General Complaints Board (ARN). Arsa-Data's policy is to follow ARN's recommendations. For you who sell your computer via ArsaData Click here to read about terms and the guarantee.



Click here to read about terms and the guarantee.



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