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Fourze GK100 Gaming Keyboard, mechanic, num, blue

MFRPN : FZ-GK100-001

SKU : FZ-GK100-001

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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17.3" HD+

MFRPN : 17ALC6 (82KV0007MX)

SKU : 17ALC6-100784

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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17.3" FHD


SKU : 17ALC6-100783

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Svive Triton RGB Mini 70 gamingtangentbo


SKU : i-1156856

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Gaming Computer Arsa Royal Battle I



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Gaming Computer Arsa Mutant I



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Gaming Computer Arsa Mutant II



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Gaming Computer Arsa Total Master I



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AOC 24" Curved gamingskärm C24G1


SKU : i-1103849

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Fourze Mousepad 4540

MFRPN : FZ-MP454-001

SKU : FZ-MP454-001

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Fourze Mousepad 9030

MFRPN : FZ-MP903-001

SKU : FZ-MP903-001

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FOURZE Lightning Gaming Chair, RGB

MFRPN : FZ-GC100-001

SKU : FZ-GC100-001

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2 149 kr – när service räknas

Welcome to Here you will find everything you need for your computer.

We have everything from laptops from well-known brands such as Acer, Asus and Lenovo, to custom desktops that we build in our workshop.

Arsa Data builds your desktop computer according to your needs - from easier use such as browsing the internet to a powerful workstation.

For those of you who like games, we build your gaming computer according to your needs. We at Arsa Data maximize your next gaming experience with components from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Corsair. MSI, Gigabyte etc.

Welcome to shop online on our website or visit our store at Hälla in Västerås for personal service.

If you need help with your computer, we are the company for you!

We at Arsa Data offer you as a customer a complete service solution. We perform professional troubleshooting and solve everything from hardware errors such as motherboards, graphics cards and memory, to software errors and installation of operating systems. We repair both PC and Mac.

When you buy a new computer from us, we can arrange the transfer of your personal files from your old computer to the new computer if you so choose to. If you have been unlucky and suffered a hard drive crash, we at Arsa Data can perform backup and rescue of your personal files.

We also arrange installation and configuration of printers. We configure and install a network, and of course, you can buy everything for the network such as cables, switches and routers from us.

If your mobile phone has broken down, you can hand it into us at Arsa Data for repairs. We perform battery replacement, glass replacement and case replacement on Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung.

Buy your accessories from us.

We have computer screens for both office and gaming use. Here you will find gaming accessories such as keyboards and mice from Asus, Cooler Master, Corsair, Fourze and much more.


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