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Eizo 24" LED Foris FS2434-BK

Art No: FS2434-BK

SKU No: i-818930

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3639 kr
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Eizo 24" LED Foris FS2434

Miss nothing. Ace everything.

Immerse Yourself in the Game with Ultra-Slim Frames

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The FORIS FS2434 features an extremely thin 6 mm frame on both sides and the top. With a multi-monitor gaming environment, you get almost seamless viewing for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Master the Game with Smart Visibility Technologies

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EIZO developed Smart Insight technology to vastly improve visibility in dark areas of the screen. With Smart Insight 2, you can see the vital details that would otherwise be hidden so you can surprise your opponent before he surprises you.

Full Image Control with G-Ignition Software or Remote Control

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The FORIS FS2434 monitor is designed for any entertainment content such as games, videos, photos or web. With the bundled G-Ignition software or the remote control, you can adjust the monitor to your preferred color settings or download the color profiles available on

Zero Delay Gaming with Extremely Low Input Lag

The time lag between when a signal is input into the monitor and then shown on the screen called the input lag. A delay in image display results in a delayed response from the player. EIZO developed its own integrated circuit with virtually no input lag.

Gaming with Comfort

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Play games or watch videos in comfort with a stand that offers a wide range of adjustment options. The back of the monitor has a built-in handle for carrying the monitor to a LAN party or gaming tournament.

Flicker-Free Screen Reduces Eye Fatigue

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The FORIS FS2434 offers flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels. Now you can play games or work on still images for long hours without worrying about the eye fatigue caused by a flickering screen.

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