"EIZO 48.3cm (19"") S1934H-BK 5:4 DVI+DP LED IPS Lift bl."

Artikelnummer: S1934H-BK
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Eizo FlexScan S1933, 19"

19" Square Monitor with IPS Panel - LED backlight for Offices and Control Rooms
IPS Panel with Wide Viewing Angles
The IPS (in-plane switching) panel offers 178° viewing angles to minimize color shift and contrast when viewing the screen at an angle. This ensures stable and consistent display when two or more people view the screen at once or in a multi-monitor environment.
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LED Backlight
With an energy-saving LED backlight, the FlexScan S1933 uses only 12 watts during typical operation. The LED backlight does not contain any mercury for minimal environmental impact when the monitor is eventually disposed of.
Built-In Speakers
0.5-watt speakers are tucked away at the back of the monitor and out of view so you can enjoy sound while bezel size is kept to a minimum. A headphone jack is also built into the monitor.
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Optimized Brightness with Auto EcoView
The Auto EcoView function is a sensor on the front of the monitor that measures ambient light and optimizes the screen's brightness to a level akin to viewing a sheet of paper under typical office lighting conditions. Since the screen is never too bright, eye strain is reduced while power consumption is cut by up to 50% compared to operating the monitor with Auto EcoView turned off and set to the default factory brightness of 100%.
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Improved Work Efficiency, Reduced Visual Fatigue
EIZO conducted a survey to establish the relationship between eye fatigue and monitor use. The survey found that when you properly adjust your monitor’s brightness, the reduction in your ability to focus drops by half (Graph 1). In addition, maintaining correct working posture and taking regular breaks further reduced fatigue levels and increased work efficiency by 12.5% (Graph 2).
Comparison between fatigue levels after monitor use
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Quantity of VDT work per unit of time
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EIZO monitor features like Auto EcoView, ergonomic stands, and the EyeCare utility help reduce eye fatigue and increase work efficiency.
Paper Mode Reduces Blue Light and Eyestrain
Paper mode simulates the look of printed paper by raising the black level and lowering the contrast ratio. Together with the Auto EcoView ambient brightness sensor, Paper mode reduces the amount of blue light emanating from the monitor for less eyestrain.
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Energy Savings across the Network
EIZO’s EcoView NET power management software provides centralized control over the power settings of monitors on a network. With EcoView NET, a systems administrator can confirm the settings for each monitor on the network, turn the power on or off, and if necessary, take measures to combat eye fatigue such as adjust the brightness or activate Auto EcoView. EcoView NET is available from EIZO distributors.
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Auto Image Adjustment
The monitor discerns the input signal from the PC and automatically adjusts the clock, phase, image location, size, etc. In addition, the signal cables that are bundled were developed by EIZO to reduce noise.
Viewing Comfort with an Ergonomic Stand
Adjust the screen to the most comfortable position with 100 mm height adjustment, 30° tilt, 70° swivel, and 90° rotation for portrait mode.
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Anti-Glare Treatment
A non-glare screen reduces eye fatigue by dissipating reflective light that otherwise makes the screen difficult to view. Furthermore, the surface of the bezels is treated to prevent light reflection.
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10-Bit Gamma Correction
This technology helps achieve accurate color by converting the 8-bit PC data to 10-bit, and assigning the ideal gamma values with a 10-bit look-up table (LUT) then returning the data to 8-bit format for display.
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Preset Modes for Optimum Viewing
With EIZO’s Fine Contrast function you can choose from several preset modes for the various applications you work with. Toggling between modes can be done manually in the OSD menu or automatically by assigning a mode to a particular application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD software.
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Prevents Eye Fatigue in Dimly-Lit Offices
Fine Contrast includes an EyeCare mode that reduces the scree’s brightness to just 3 cd/m2. This ultra-low brightness helps prevent eye fatigue and increase productivity when working in an environment with very dim ambient lighting such as a CAD studio.
Eye Care Utility
The EyeCare utility is EIZO -developed software that helps promote better work habits. It consists of a function called “EyeCare Reminder” that reminds you to take scheduled breaks.
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Digital and Analog Inputs
With both DVI-D and D-Sub mini 15-pin inputs, you can use a computer that has either a digital or an analog graphics board (or both if connected to two computers), and quickly switch between the inputs via a front panel button.
Sync-On-Green Signal Support
Support for sync-on-green ensures this monitor can be used with legacy graphics boards that output this signal.
Built to Last Five Years
EIZO’s five-year warranty is two years or 67% longer than the standard three-year warranty of most brands. Even if the initial purchase price of the FlexScan S1933 is higher than another 19-inch monitor, the TCO (total cost of ownership) will likely be lower due to the significantly longer buying cycle and less need for repair.
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Made by EIZO
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While outsourcing production is now common practice in the monitor industry, EIZO continues to manufacture its products the same way it has throughout its 40-year history – with its own staff at its own factories. This allows EIZO to maintain close control over production quality and offer the industry’s only 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
Producentens garanti (månader) 60
Typ av bildskärm LED-bakgrundsbelyst LCD-skärm / TFT aktiv matris
Diagonal storlek 19"
Paneltyp IPS
Bildförhållande 5:4
Ursprunglig upplösning 1280 x 1024
Pixelhöjd 0.293 mm
Ljusstyrka 250 cd/m²
Kontrastförhållande 1000:1
Responstid 14 ms (grå-till-grå)
Vertikal uppdateringshastighet 55 - 61 Hz
Horisontell uppdateringshastighet 31 - 64 kHz
Horisontell visningsvinkel 178
Vertikal visningsvinkel 178
Bakgrundsbelysningsteknik LED-bakgrundsbelysning
OSD-språk Kinesiska (traditionell), kinesiska (förenklad), engelska, tyska, franska, italienska, svenska, spanska, japanska
Egenskaper HDCP, Auto EcoView, Auto Brightness Control, EyeCare Utility, flimmerfri teknik
Färg Svart
Dimensioner (BxDxH) 40.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 40.65 cm - med ställ
Vikt 5.6 kg
Typ Högtalare - stereo
Uteffekt / kanal 0.5 Watt
Gränssnitt DVI-D (HDCP)
Linjeingång för ljud
DisplayPort (HDCP)
Displaylägesjusteringar Höjd, pivot (rotation), vridbar bas, lutning
Lutningsvinkel 0/+30
Vridningsvinkel 70
Rotationsvinkel 90
Höjdjustering 100 mm
Monteringsgränssnitt för platt bildskärm 100 x 100 mm
Egenskaper Stående/liggande läge
Medföljande kablar 1 x ljudkabel
1 x DVI-kabel - DVI-D till DVI-D
1 x VGA-kabel
Standarder som följs FCC Klass B-certifierade, TUV GS, DVI DMPM, TUV S, VESA DPMS, CB, ICES-003 Class B, CCC, TUV Ergo, RoHS, WEEE, cTUVus, VCCI Class B, EAC, RCM, TCO Displays 7.0
Nätspänning AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Energiförbrukning vid drift 9 Watt
Strömkonsumtionsställ med 0.5 Watt
Programvara / Systemkrav
Inkluderad programvara EIZO ScreenSlicer, EIZO ScreenManager Pro
Mått och vikt
Mått och vikt (komponenter) Utan ställ - bredd: 40.5 cm - djup: 6.15 cm - höjd: 33.4 cm - vikt: 4.6 kg
ENERGY STAR-certifierad Ja
Min temperatur vid drift 5 °C
Max temperatur vid drift 35 °C
Luftfuktighet vid drift 20 - 80 % (icke-kondenserande)
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