Sell your used computer through us!

Arsa Data AB now offers a new service where all our customers who want to sell their used computers with Arsa Data AB's warranty (up to 6 months with affixed sealing) have the opportunity to do this on our website!

Arsa Data AB conducts a basic survey of each computer that is to be resold and charges an administration fee of SEK 490 regardless of computer brand.

If an error is displayed on the computer, Arsa Data has the right to charge the customer after receiving approval from the customer for the repair. Any repair costs can be deducted from the sales price.

Arsa Data charges 20% of the sales price incl. VAT and pays the remaining 80% to the customer 15 days after the item is sold.

The ad is free on our website and is out for a maximum of 60 days. Computers that have not been sold after the time of the advertisement, must be pick up by the customer within a maximum of 30 days.

If Arsa Data is not notified by the customer about his unsold computer via Arsa Data, Arsa Data has the right to scrap the computer and discard it.



The Arsa Data AB warranty applies when the user has not been able to influence the fault and is not due to, for example, negligence or any form of external influence, such as drop or liquid damage.

Arsa Data AB does not take responsibility for problems caused by installed software or other errors that occur due to software error.

All desktops and laptops are sealed with a warranty seal. This seal must not be removed during the warranty period (6 months) otherwise the warranty no longer applies. Do not open the door to clean, replace or repair the components during the warranty period. Arsa Data AB offers free cleaning on the inside of customers used computer sold through us during the warranty period.


Delivery from Arsa Data

All computers that are to be sold through Arsa Data AB must be submitted to our store and Arsa Data does not take responsibility for any. damage that may occur during shipping to us.

Arsa-Data AB's obligations cease when the goods are declared for transport and have been handed over to the carrier who is contracted. Thereafter, the risk of liability for damage and loss of the goods passes to the buyer and the courier company.


Right to withdrawal - The seller

The customer has the right to withdrawal against Arsa Data AB and can get his computer back if the computer has not been sold to any buyer. If the computer is not sold, the customer can get his computer back after paid fees and possible repair costs.


Right to withdrawal - The buyer

The consumer has the right under the Consumer Protection Act for distance contracts etc, in certain cases the right to withdraw from a purchase by leaving or sending a notice to Arsa-Data AB within 14 days from the day the consumer received the product or a significant part of it. However, the right of withdrawal does not apply when the warranty seal/sealing of the product has been broken.


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